Connect and configure Voltronic inverters


Follow the the steps below to connect one of the following inverters to SolarAssistant:

  • Axpert
  • Kodak
  • Mecer
  • MPP Solar
  • Phocos
  • RCT
  • etc.

Step 1 - Connect inverter monitoring cable

Option A - Inverter USB port

Depending how old your inverter is, use either a USB Type B (printer) cable or a micro USB (old Android) cable. The port should be located at the bottom of the inverter.

View example installation

Voltronic micro USB cable Voltronic USB Type B cable Voltronic micro USB port Voltronic USB type B port

Option B - Inverter RS232/COM port

Use a USB RS232 cable plugged into the inverter port labelled "RS232" or "COM" which is usually located at the bottom of the inverter.

Voltronic USB RS232 cables Voltronic USB RS232 cables

Step 2 - Configure SolarAssistant to connect to a Voltronic inverter

On the configuration page, select "Voltronic" as your inverter model.

SolarAssistant voltronic inverter selection

Select the USB port(s) where you have inverters connected.

Select Voltronic USB adapters

Click connect:

Select connect

Parallel installations

With Voltronic inverters you only need to connect one inverter to the SolarAssistant Pi to read all inverters in a parallel installation. However certain metrics such as inverter temperature and MPPT2 is only available when the inverter is directly connected with it's own USB cable to the SolarAssistant Pi.

If you have a parallel installation but all inverters are not showing in SolarAssistant, then check if their serial numbers are perhaps exactly the same by connecting one inverter at a time and going to the settings page. If their serial numbers are the same, then each will have to be connected with it's own USB cable.


If your inverter has a micro USB port, consider using the RS232/COM instead as it's more reliable.

If you have any issue, please try the official WatchPower or SolarPower application from a laptop. If it works with these official applications, then it should work with SolarAssistant.