Home Assistant - Adjusting solar settings


SolarAssistant provides solar device settings in the correct format for it to be controlled from Home Assistant. This guide below assumes you already have Home Assistant integrated with your SolarAssistant.

Step 1 - Open advanced MQTT settings

Under the "Configuration" tab, open advanced MQTT settings.

Advanced MQTT configuration of SolarAssistant

Step 2 - Disable setting changes (temporarily)

Disable setting changes over MQTT. This is so that we can test setting changes without affecting your solar system.

Disable MQTT setting changes in SolarAssistant

Step 3 - Start the MQTT broker

Under the "Configuration" tab, start the MQTT broker.

Enable SolarAssistant MQTT

Step 4 - Add a settings card to Home Assistant dashboard

Under the "Configuration" tab, start the MQTT broker.

Home Assistant overview page

In the bottom right corner, select add card.

Add card to Home Assistant dashboard

Select the entities card.

Add entities card to Home Assistant dashboard

Add the solar setting you want to edit from the dashboard. In this example we are adding the inverter "Output source priority". Add the response sensor which will display the setting change result.

Configure entities card on Home Assistant discovery

Go out of dashboard edit mode.

Done editing Home Assistant dashboard

Step 5 - Test adjusting solar setting

Set the solar setting on the new card.

Set solar setting from HomeAssistant dashboard

We expect to receive a Error: Updates not allowed response. This message is sent from SolarAssistant when it receives an instruction to change a setting.

SolarAssistant setting response in Home Assistant

If you do not get a response from SolarAssistant, you are most likely running an MQTT broker in HomeAssistant that isn't passing your setting change message to the SolarAssistant MQTT broker. Please have a look at the topic out configuration of the broker configuration page.

Step 6 - Allow MQTT setting changes

Go back to the advanced MQTT settings we set in step 2. Now that the integration is working, we can allow adjusting settings.

Disable MQTT setting changes in SolarAssistant

If you are interested in understanding the messages that are sent back and forth to perform setting changes, see our guide on adjusting settings with MQTT