Connect and configure Growatt SPA inverters


Follow the steps below to connect a Growatt SPA to SolarAssistant.

Step 1 - Connect RS232 monitoring cable

A USB serial cable can be plugged into WiFi RS232 port located on the bottom of the inverter. This is a normal USB serial cable available from most electronic stores.

As this is the only monitoring port on the Growatt SPA, the WiFi RS232 dongle and SolarAssistant can not be used at the same time.

RS232 DB9 USB cable Growatt RS232 port

Looking for RS485?

From our tests, the Growatt SPA is not readable via the RS485 port. If you managed to read it via RS485, please let us know.

Step 2 - Configure SolarAssistant

On the configuration page, select "Growatt" as your inverter model.

SolarAssistant Growatt inverter selection

Each RS485 USB cable will show up as a USB device. Select all ports that are connected to Growatt inverters.

SolarAssistant Growatt USB ports

Click connect:

Select connect