Adjusting Voltronic inverter settings

Step 1 - Navigate to inverter settings

On the configuration tab, navigate to the inverter settings page.

Open Voltronic inverter settings

Step 2 - Enter edit mode

If you have parallel inverters, select the inverter. Select edit on section you would like to edit.

Select Voltronic inverter

Step 3 - Change setting and save

Change the setting you would like to adjust and press save.

Change Voltronic inverter setting


If any setting change is not working as expected, please try adjusting it with the official WatchPower or SolarPower app from a laptop. If it works correctly from the official app but not from SolarAssistant, please contact us so that we can correct the problem in SolarAssistant.

Troubleshooting - Axpert Hybrid, Revo VM II, ISolar SMR II

If your inverter is shown in SolarAssistant as Axpert Hybrid under "configuration -> settings" then there is a good chance that the inverter will reject most setting changes from SolarAssistant and also the official WatchPower or SolarPower app. When investigating one of these units, we confirmed that the firmware the inverter is loaded with does not support changing settings via the communication ports.

Troubleshooting - MPP Solar LVX-6048

Some of the inverter settings are only editable via a RS232 cable and not via a micro USB cable. If you use the official MPP Solar desktop WatchPower app you will see the same behaviour.