Connecting a Dyness / Mecer battery

If an inverter is already reading the Dyness battery, then SolarAssistant can not read the battery at the same time. The battery unfortunetely doesn't support being read from multiple devices at the same time. Set SolarAssistant to "Use inverter values".

Protocol selection

On the SolarAssistant configuration page, select the protocol below.

Select serial protocol

Go to the "Advanced" settings.

SolarAssistant advanced settings

Set the protocol variant to "Dyness".

Set protocol variant to Dyness

Dip switch configuration

Set your Dyness master battery on the "Axpert" protocol and baud rate 9600. The Dyness battery manual specifies turning only dip switch 2 to ON.

Dyness A48100 BX48100 dip switches

Connection cable - Dyness BX48100, BX51100 and A48100

Connect the Dyness RS485 cable to the battery RS485 IN port.

Dyness BX range

Connection cable - Dyness B3 / Mecer M3000

We do not sell a ready made cable for this battery. If you have a crimping tool, you can crimp your own own cable according to the pinout below.

Dyness B3