Connect and configure EG4 inverters


Follow the steps below to connect an EG4 inverter to SolarAssistant.

Step 1 - Connect inverter

There are multiple options to connect an EG4 inverter to the Raspberry PI. Please choose one option from the table below.

EG4 model Inverter port Cable
6000XP Luxpower
18KPV Luxpower
No physical connection Connects via local network
EX range RS232 RS232 USB cable
Micro USB Micro USB cable
EHV range RS232 RS232 USB cable
WiFi dongle DB9 cable + USB serial cable
USB type B Not usable for monitoring

With the 6000EX range SolarAssistant can read all parallel inverters when only a single inverter is connected. With the 3000EHV inverter you need to connect each inverter to the PI with it's own cable.

Step 2 - Select inverter

On the configuration page, select your inverter according to the table below.

EG4 inverter model SolarAssistant selection
6000XP Luxpower
18KPV Luxpower
See our Luxpower guide
6000EX, 6500EX Voltronic
3000EHV Sumry
SolarAssistant inverter selection