Connect a MUST inverter to SolarAssistant


The steps below apply to all MUST inverters that are supported by SolarAssistant:

  • MUST PH/PV/PC range
  • MUST EP range

Step 1 - Connect inverter monitoring cable

Option A - Inverter USB port

The USB port of MUST inverters is a USB Type B port. It's a common cable found in many electronic stores. It's often called a printer USB cable.

USB Type B cable MUST USB type B port

Option B - Inverter RS485/COM port

A MUST inverter uses the same USB RS485 cable as the Deye/SunSynk inverters. This connection option is the most reliable.

MUST USB RS485 cable MUST USB RS485 port

Step 2 - Configure SolarAssistant to connect to a MUST inverter

On the configuration page, select "MUST" as your inverter model.

SolarAssistant MUST inverter selection

Select the USB port(s) where you have MUST inverters connected. There will typically be one option.

Select MUST USB ports

Click connect:

Select connect

Parallel installations

With MUST inverters you only need to connect one inverter to read all parallel inverters regardless of whether you use the COM/RS485 port or the USB type B port.


If you have any issue, please try the official SolarPowerMonitor application from a laptop. If it works with these official applications, then it should work with SolarAssistant.