Connect and configure Growatt TL, TL-X, TL-XH inverters


Follow the steps below to connect one of the following inverters to SolarAssistant:

  • Growatt TL-X, TL-XH, TL3-X, TL3-XH

Step 1 - Connect inverter monitoring cable

The USB port on the inverter can not be used for monitoring. You need to connect it via a RS485 cable by screwing the RS485A and RS485B wire into pin 3 and 4 of the communication port. Each inverter will require it's own USB cable.

You can also explore alternative RS485 adapters that might be available locally in your country.

Growatt TL communication port Growat TL pinout

Step 2 - Configure SolarAssistant to connect to a Growatt MIC/MID/MOD inverter

On the configuration page, select "Growatt" as your inverter model.

SolarAssistant Growatt inverter selection

Each RS485 USB cable will show up as a USB device. Select all ports that are connected to Growatt inverters.

SolarAssistant Growatt USB ports

Click connect:

Select connect