Historic data - Charts


Charts are available for the following metrics:

  • Overview (Grid, Solar and load)
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery current
  • Battery watts
  • Battery state of charge
  • Battery temperature
  • PV power per MPPT
  • PV voltage per MPPT
  • PV current per MPPT
  • Load power
  • Essential load power
  • Non-essential load power
  • Grid power
  • Grid voltage
  • Grid frequency
  • Inverter temperature
  • Bus voltage
  • AC output voltage

Navigation and content

Open charts by selecting the chart tab. Hovering a chart via web or tapping on the chart via mobile app displays a tooltip of the data at that point in time. If you are running multiple inverters in parallel you will see multiple lines on the chart as in the example below.

Axpert parallel charts in SolarAssistant


To zoom, click and hold to select a region of the chart.

Zooming SolarAssistant chart

All charts will zoom to the selected time range.

Zoomed in SolarAssistant chart

Selecting a time range

Use the time range selector if you would like to select a specific range or view historic data.

Adjusting time range of SolarAssistant chart