Remote access proxy servers

We have proxy servers in all geographic locations to ensure high speed, low latency remote access. No setup is required to take advantage of them. During device setup you will be prompted to select one of the regions listed below. This selection will affect the URL you receive to access your device and the proxy server it will connect to.

Region Locations Device URLs
Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Asia Hong Kong, China *
Australasia Sydney, Australia *
Europe Nuremberg, Germany
Falkenstein, Germany
North America Ashburn, Virginia, USA
Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
South America São Paulo, Brazil *

How to change region after registration

Open the "configuration" tab to find the local network IP of your device.

Finding your SolarAssistant local IP

Open your device via your local network.

Accessing SolarAssistant via LAN

Append /welcome to the end of the URL.

Access SolarAssistant welcome page

Select your region.

Change SolarAssistant region

The URL of your device has now changed. Navigate to the sites page to find the new URL.