Integration - Node-RED


Node-RED is an open source project that allows you to perform actions based on inputs from various devices on a single platform. SolarAssistant integrates with Node-RED via MQTT. It allows you to perform actions such as turn on relays or control external devices based on inputs from your solar system.

NB: You can not run Node-RED on the Raspberry PI that SolarAssistant is installed on. You need a 2nd PI or other machine. SolarAssistant is a very minimal linux based system that is optimized to use the SD card and other system resources very sparingly to allow it to run continuously for many years and update itself without issues.

Step 1 - Enable MQTT output

Follow our MQTT guide to enable and test that your MQTT output is working.

Step 2 - Follow Node-RED MQTT guide

In the future we will write a detailed guide on how to consume MQTT messages in Node-RED. For the time being, please search online for community videos and guides. Also see the official Node-RED MQTT page.