Reporting issues

Incorrect metrics

Incorrect values

If you believe a value is shown incorrectly in SolarAssistant, please compare it to the value shown on your inverter screen. If it's not the same please contact us. Issues such as "my solar panels should generate at least 5kW of power" or "my house load must be around ..." is better directed at your solar installer or supplier. From a monitoring perspective the only consideration is whether or not it shows the value on your inverter screen.

Inverter settings

SolarAssistant should read your inverter settings and when you edit them, it should correctly set them on your inverter. If you suspect a problem, set the setting in SolarAssistant and then look if it was correctly applied on the inverter. Inverter behaviour issues such as "my charge current is set to 30A but it's only charging at 10A" is better directed at your solar installer or supplier. SolarAssistant doesn't control how your inverter behaves. Changing a setting in SolarAssistant should do exactly the same as changing the setting manually on your inverter appliance.

Submitting an issue

Please contact us via email and include the following information:

  • Site name
  • Description of problem

General solar help

If your problem is not a SolarAssistant problem but you still need help, please consider asking one of the extremely helpful solar communities below: