Power management - Deye/SunSynk/Sol-Ark inverters

Step 1 - Navigate to the power management section

To open the power management section of your device, select the tab as displayed in the screenshot below.

Navigate to SolarAssistant power management

Step 2 - Review and edit work mode

The top of the page shows the inverter time and "Device mode" which is an interpretation of the inverter work mode settings. The work mode timer settings can be adjusted from this page.

If you would like SolarAssistant to adjust inverter settings automatically, please see the automation section.

Edit Deye/SunSynk/Sol-Ark work mode timer

Step 3 - Adjust work mode setting and save

Adjust the work mode value you would like to change and press save.

Save Deye/SunSynk/Sol-Ark work mode timer