Historic data - Backup/Restore


Historic data in SolarAssistant can be exported to a backup file. If you experience hardware failure or if you switch to different hardware, you can import the backup file to restore historic data.

If you are a technical user, you can extract the backup and import it into an InfluxDB database.

Export a backup file

Go to the "configuration" page, scroll down to the "System" heading and select "View detail".

Navigate to storage

Select "Backup".

Start backup process

Wait until the backup completes.

Backup process in progress

Download the backup file.

Download backup file

Import a backup file

Upload the backup file exported using the steps above.

Upload backup file

Once the upload completes, select "Import" to start the import process.

Import backup file

Once the import completes, go to the "Totals" page to see if your data is showing up as expected.