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Voltronic RS232
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USB cable to connect Voltronic inverters to SolarAssistant via the RS232 port:

  • Axpert
  • Kodak
  • Mecer
  • MPP Solar
  • Phocos
  • RCT
  • Full Circle Solar
  • The Sun Pays
  • etc.

This RS232 cable can be used as an alternative to the USB B or micro USB cable. We recommend all Voltronic installers keep one of these RS232 cable with them as a backup for the rare cases where you have communication. It gives you an alternative to try to gain more information on what the problem is exactly.

Voltronic RS232 port


  • USB to RJ45
  • Length: 2m

View how to configure in SolarAssistant

A single cable can monitor all inverters in a parallel installation.