Software updates


When purchasing a license for SolarAssistant, it includes access to all future improvements and corrections. For detail on what is released in each version, please see the changelog.

Your current SolarAssistant software version is displayed on the "Configuration" tab.

SolarAssistant software version

Update process

When an update is available, it will show below the version date. Select "download".

SolarAssistant update available

The device will download the latest update and verify it's integrity.

downloading SolarAssistant update

Once the download is complete, select "Apply update and restart". Wait up to 5 minutes for the update to apply and the device to restart.

apply SolarAssistant update

If something went wrong and you are unable to access your device, please contact us.

Beta releases

If you want to experiment with the latest features, read more about our beta program

Inverter firmware updates

SolarAssistant does not support updating your inverter firmware.