Preparing your device

If you purchased a complete device you can skip this article.

Hardware support

Device Remarks
Raspberry PI 1, 2
Raspberry PI Zero
Not officially supported, but used by some users.
Raspberry PI Zero W
Raspberry PI 3A+
Data is real-time within 2 - 4 seconds.
Historic metric every 30 seconds.
Raspberry PI Zero 2 W
Raspberry PI 3B, 3B+
Raspberry PI 4B
Data is real-time within 1 - 2 seconds.
Historic metric every 10 seconds.

* Orange PI, Banana Pi, Rock Pi, etc. is not supported.

SD card Remarks
Minimum: 8GB 10 years of data for a single inverter
Recommended: 16GB 10 years of data for up to 9 inverters

Step 1

If you have purchased a SolarAssistant license, the sites page will display a link to download the latest SD card image. Go ahead and download it.

Download SolarAssistant

If you want to purchase a license, please visit our online shop.

Step 2

Extract the Zip file you downloaded and flash the ISO file to an SD card. We recommend using Balena Etcher.

Using balenaEtcher to flash SolarAssistant to SD card

Step 3

Insert the SD card in the Raspberry Pi and turn it on. It will not display anything on an attached monitor. Please follow one of the guides below.