Video output


The Raspberry and Orange Pis have an HDMI output port. For most installations the best approach is not to use the HDMI output at all. The most convenient way to access SolarAssistant is via a web browser, Android or iPhone app.

When would you want to use video HDMI output?

  • You want to use SolarAssistant with a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse close to your solar installation.
  • During troubleshooting if you are unable to access the device in another way.

Interactive Kiosk

The HDMI port outputs the full interactive SolarAssistant application. See this video of SolarAssistant with HDMI output to get an idea of how it works.

Text based console

This is the linux terminal, which is similar to SSH. This is intended for technical users that are already familiar with linux.

No video output?

If you do not have video output, you must be running the older Raspberry PI 32 bit image. See our Bluetooth guide if you are unable to reach your device.

Keyboard and mouse

We recommend using a Rii mini keyboard for the best experience of SolarAssistant video output: