Example installation - SunSynk/Deye/Inge


  • SunSynk/Deye/Inge
  • 7x Pylontech US3000
  • SolarAssistant

The Inge, SunSynk and Deye inverters are exactly the same from a software monitoring perspective.

SunSynk inverter monitored by SolarAssistant

The inverter is monitored via the RS485 port by using the USB to RS485 cable made by SolarAssistant. The WiFi/RS232 port could also be used.

SunSynk monitoring via RS485 cable and SolarAssistant

This installation has a 7x Pylontech US3000 battery bank which is also monitored directly via a USB to RS232 console cable.

SolarAssistant monitoring Pylontech battery bank via RS232 console cable