Is my inverter supported?

Step 1 - Is it listed on our home page

Please check if your inverter brand is listed on our home page. Click an image for more detail.

Step 2 - Is it listed as NOT supported?

These inverters are not supported:

  • ABB
  • Atess
  • Fronius
  • Epever (Expected 2024)
  • Renogy
  • Schneider
  • SMA
  • Sofar
  • Solar edge
  • Solax
  • Victron

Step 3 - Do you have a Voltronic inverter?

Ignoring the colour of your inverter, does it resemble one of the images below?

Axpert Max inverter Axpert Max inverter Axpert Max inverter Axpert Max inverter Axpert Max inverter Axpert Max inverter

Check if your inverter manual has a similar style and content as the sample manual below.

Sample Voltronic manual

Check if it has one or more of the following ports:

To confirm that you have a Voltronic inverter: install the official software below on a laptop and connect to the inverter via the cables above.

MPPSolar download page

NB: First try the Watchpower (for off-grid) monitoring software link and if it can't read your inverter, you can try the Solarpower (for hybrid) monitoring software link. If the software displays any values from your inverter, then it's a Voltronic inverter and is supported by SolarAssistant.

Step 4 - Do you have a Deye inverter?

Ignoring your inverter colour, does it resemble one the images below?

SunSynk inverter Sol-Ark inverter

Does it have a WiFi/RS232 port, a touch screen and a timer based settings page that resembles this screenshot?

Axpert Max inverter

Need help?

If you can't determine if your inverter is supported, please contact us.