Frequently asked questions


Can I use SolarAssistant without a Raspberry Pi?

No. The software is designed only to run on a Raspberry PI. Once it's running on a Raspberry PI it can be accessed from Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.

Can I plug a screen into the PI or install additional apps?

No. Some users expect that when they plug a screen into the PI they will get a desktop such as the Raspberry Pi OS desktop. Our SD card image is a very minimal image that does not output anything to a screen. SolarAssistant is only intended to be used as a network device similar to your internet router. It is designed to be a robust monitoring system instead of a general computing device. It is optimized to run continuously for years while using the SD card very sparingly so that it can last for a decade.

Can I monitor multiple inverters with a single PI?

Yes, but only if the inverters are installed as a parallel installation.


Can I use multiple PIs with a single license?

No. The license is a single device license aimed at monitoring a single solar installation.

Do I loose my license if I reflash the SD card?

No. If you reflash the SD card and insert it into a previously activated PI it will activate again without requiring a new license. It will also restore the URL you entered during registration (example with all previous user access.

What happens when I move the SD card to a new PI?

When the SD card is inserted into a new PI it will show as unactivated. It also won't move the URL you registered or user access to the new PI. It's effectively seen as a new site, except the monitoring data history is available on the new PI.

I want to transfer my license to a new PI

Our licenses are single device licenses with the option of one transfer to a new PI. PI boards are extremely reliable and it's highly unlikely that you would need more than one transfer. If you need to transfer your license, please see our license transfer guide.