Transfer license to new device

Our licenses are single device licenses with the option of one transfer to a new PI. PI boards are extremely reliable and it's highly unlikely that you would need more than one transfer. Please see the steps below to transfer your license to a new device.

Step 1 - Decide to flash or move SD card

Option A: Flash an SD card by following our preparing device guide.

Option B: Move the SD card to the new device. The new device will NOT show up as the site you previously registered. It will be a new site. It will however have all the monitoring history data and your home WiFi SSID and password. Once you have moved the SD card, power on the device and open the link below to find the device on your local network:

Step 2 - Activate the new device with a trial

Activating SolarAssistant device

Activate SolarAssistant device with trial

Step 3 - Confirm new device is working as expected

The trial version contains all the functionality of the full version. Feel free to use the trial for up to 30 days to confirm it works as expected.

Step 4 - Swap trial with perpetual license

On the sites page, click the "Edit" button of the trial site. Next click on "Swap license".

Note our system will ensure your previous device has been offline for at least 7 days before allowing a transfer. This is to prevent solar installers from transferring licenses of previous installations to new clients.

Swap SolarAssistant device license