Connecting a Felicity Solar battery

If your inverter is already reading your Felicity Solar battery, then select "Use inverter values" as the battery source in SolarAssistant and skip this guide.

LPBF range

We do not sell a ready made cable for the Felicity Solar LPBF battery, but you can buy a self crimp RS485 cable and crimp it according to the image below.

The battery communication port contain pins for both RS485 (pin 5 - 6) and CAN (pin 7 - 8). Only one device can read the battery via RS485 at the same time, which means that if the inverter is already reading the battery, then SolarAssistant can not additionally read it at the same time.

Dip switch configuration

As the battery manual instructs, the first battery should be set to address 1, the second to address 2, etc.

Protocol selection

On the SolarAssistant configuration page, select the "Voltronic LIB" protocol.


Once you press connect in SolarAssistant, you should see each pack show up under the battery section.