Connecting the JK BMS

Step 1 - Connections and components

New JK-PB range

This is a new generation JK BMS that works different from previous versions. While we investigate this BMS, a user reported reading it via SolarAssistant with the following steps:

  • Use a Seplos BMS cable. This cable has RS485B on pin 1 and RS485A on pin 2.
  • Use the left RS485 port as in the screenshot below.
  • With the JK BMS mobile app, set the UART protocol to "000 - 4G GPS Remote module" as in screenshot.

JK-PB1A16S10P RS485 port
JK BMS 4G GPS protocol

Original JK BMS

The typical setup requires the two components below. We do not sell any of them.

  • JK BMS RS485 module
  • USB RS485 adapter (ensure it's not TTL). We recommend FTDI chip adapters.

Note you can also use a USB TTL adapter instead of the two adapters above, but it requires manual wiring into the JK BMS where the JK BMS RS485 module connects.

JK BMS RS485 connections

Step 2 - Configure SolarAssistant to connect to a JK BMS

On the SolarAssistant configuration page, select the protocol below.

Select one or more USB cables and click connect:

Plug the RS485 USB cable into the SolarAssistant monitoring device. Once you click "connect" on the configuration page, you should see each Daly BMS show up as a battery pack as shown below.


One pack will be shown for each JK BMS connected in step 2 above.

JK BMS pack monitoring
JK BMS chart monitoring