Starting device - No internet

Step 1 - Activate before going to site without internet

If you purchased a complete device, you can skip this step as your device is already activated.

The device needs internet access in order to be activated. Once activated it can be used without internet and accessed via it's WiFi or LAN.

Before installing the device at the site that doesn't have internet, activate it by connecting it at a location that does have internet by following the LAN or WiFi guides.

Step 2 - Once on site, connect to the WiFi access point

Once at the site that doesn't have internet access. Connect the device to the solar inverter and turn it on. The device will start a WiFi access point. Use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to connect to it:

SSID: SolarAssistant
Password: solar123

NB: If you are using your mobile phone or tablet you will need to turn off your mobile data. This is because it will detect that the WiFi access point is not providing internet and will then use your mobile data to open the URL above. Turning off your mobile data ensures it uses WiFi.

Step 3 - Start monitoring

Once the web page opens, select your connected solar equipment and click connect.

If you need help selecting your solar equipment, see our Voltronic, SunSynk and Battery configuration guides.

Start SolarAssistant monitoring of solar devices