Connect and configure SunSynk/Deye/Sol-Ark inverters


Follow the steps below to connect the following inverters to SolarAssistant:

  • SunSynk
  • Deye
  • Sol-Ark

Step 1 - Select inverter

On the configuration page, select "SunSynk, Deye, Sol-Ark" as your inverter model.

SolarAssistant SunSynk inverter selection

Step 2 - Select connection interface

Select the USB port where your inverter is connected. If you have multiple inverters, you need to multi-select all of them.

SolarAssistant SunSynk interface selection

USB to WiFi/RS232

A USB serial cable can be plugged into WiFi RS232 port located on the bottom of the inverter. This is a normal USB serial cable available from most electronic stores.

SunSynk RS232 DB9 interface SunSynk WiFi RS232 port

USB to RS485

A USB to RS485 cable can be plugged into the RS485 port located on the inside the inverter. This is not a standard cable and can be purchased in our online store.

SunSynk RS485 cable SunSynk RS485 port

Note: BMS485 and RS485 port

If you are lucky enough to have a BMS485 and RS485 port, note that the SolarAssistant monitoring device needs to read from the BMS485 port.

SunSynk BMS485 and RS485 port

Note: Sol-Ark 12k

On the Sol-Ark 12k the CAN port doubles as an RS485 port which is used to read the inverter. The inverter can not read via the port marked RS485 on the right of the CAN port. If your CAN port is already in use, you can split the port with an RJ45 splitter.

If you want to make your own RS485 cable, you can buy a USB to RS485 Converter, then crimp an RJ45 plug on it as shown in the image below. You only need to crimp pins 1 - 3 or 5 - 8, not both.

Sol-Ark 12k CAN/RS485 port