What is SolarAssistant?

SolarAssistant is software used to monitor and control your solar system. It is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi that is plugged into the solar inverter and optionally a battery BMS. The idea is that you leave the PI running permanently. The application can be accessed from a web browser or the Android/iPhone app via local network or the internet.


Can I use SolarAssistant without a Raspberry Pi?

No. The software itself can only run on a Raspberry PI. Once it's running on a Raspberry PI it can be accessed from Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.

Is there any reason to plug a screen, keyboard or mouse into the Raspberry PI?

No. Some users expect that when they plug a screen, keyboard and mouse into the Raspberry PI that will get a desktop such as the Raspberry Pi OS desktop. The SolarAssistant SD card image does not include the Raspberry Pi OS Desktop. SolarAssistant works similar to Home Assistant in the sense that it is only accessed as a network device.