Starting device - WiFi

Step 1 - Turn it on

Connect your Raspberry Pi to your solar inverter and turn it on.

There is no need to plug in a screen or keyboard because the device is designed only to be used via WiFi or LAN.

Step 2 - Connect to WiFi access point

The device will start a WiFi access point. Use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to connect to it:

SSID: SolarAssistant
Password: solar123

Step 3 - Open the device web page

Once connected, open any of the URLs below. If it doesn't open and you are using your mobile phone then turn off mobile data to force the phone to use WIFI:


NB: If you are using your mobile phone or tablet you will need to turn off your mobile data. This is because it will detect that the WiFi access point is not providing internet and will then use your mobile data to open the URL above. Turning off your mobile data ensures it uses WiFi.

Step 4 - Give the device your WiFi credentials

The first page you will see is the configuration page. Enter your site Wifi SSID and password and click submit.

Switch your WiFi over to the same network the device is trying to connect to.

Step 5 - Connect to same WiFi network

Connect to the same WiFi network that you just instructed your monitoring device to connect to.

Your device should be accessible via http://solar-assistant.local.

NB: If it failed to connect to your WiFi network, it will start the WiFi access point again. Go back to step 2.

Step 6 - Activate or register site

If you purchased a complete device it will be activated already. Go ahead and register it to enable remote access.

If you purchased the "software only" option and use your own Raspberry PI, the "Activate now" button will handle activation and registration in one step.

Step 6 - Start monitoring

Once activated, you can select the hardware you would like to monitor and click connect.

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