SunSunk 8kW inverter
SunSynk 5kW inverter

The most advanced solar monitoring platform for SunSynk inverters

Modern, real-time solar monitoring and control via web, Android and iPhone app.

Real-time analytics

SunSynk monitoring dashboard
SunSynk realtime charts

Per second metric accuracy

Real-time metrics makes all the difference and gives true insight into how your system performs. Instant updates are really convenient if your trying different settings to see how it affects your system.

10+ Years of historical data via interactive charts

SolarAssistant puts you in control of your data by storing it on your device instead of a cloud service. You can store 10+ years of data on the default 16GB SD card.

Modern, efficient interface

If you are currently using a platform such as VNC or AnyDesk to access your monitoring software then you are effectively streaming video just to use an application. It just doesn't make sense. We built our entire platform from the ground up with the latest technology.

Remote monitoring and control

SunSynk remote access

Web, Android and iPhone

Remotely monitor and administer your site via web or our mobile app. All functionality is available via web and mobile as we use our own app. We do not use Emoncms.

Multi-site access with a single login

Via the SolarAssistant platform you can get a list of all your sites and access them with a single login. A must have for solar installers.

User administration

You can invite new users to your sites which will send them a welcome email that prompts them to set a password. Password resets are self-service via email.

SunSynk hardware support

SunSynk inverter monitoring dashboard
SunSynk inverter usage history monitoring

Tested models

5.5KW Hybrid Inverter
8.8KW Hybrid Inverter
3.6KW On-Grid Parity Inverter

Connect via

WiFi/RS232 port
RS485 port
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Parallel support

SolarAssistant can read all parallel connected inverters. This includes 3 phase systems. Each inverter requires it's own WiFI/RS232 or RS485 cable.

No SunSynk firmware upgrade support

You can not update the firmware of your SunSynk inverter via SolarAssistant, although SolarAssistant itself does have automatic updates.

Direct BMS (battery management system) connection

Pylontech US3000
Narada 48NPFC100

With SunSynk inverters you don't really need a USB BMS cable

SunSynk inverters can read most batteries available on the market. SolarAssistant will read your battery metrics directly from the inverter. Typical battery metrics available from the SunSynk inverter include state of charge, capacity, watts, current and temperature.

However in the cases below it's useful to have a USB BMS communication cable:

  • When you are using a battery not supported by your SunSynk inverter.
  • When you want extra data that the SunSynk inverter doesn't read from the battery. Examples are cycle count, serial numbers, individual cell voltages and temperatures, etc.

Supported brands/models

Averge LFeLi
Hubble AM and X series
Iseli Energy
Leoch LFeLi
Narada NPFC
Pylontech US2000/US3000/UP5000
Revov R9, B100 and R100
Shoto SDA10
Victron BMV and SmartShunt
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