Axpert King inverter
Axpert inverter

Ditch WatchPower for a modern solar monitoring platform

Modern, real-time solar monitoring and control via web, Android and iPhone app.

Real-time analytics

Voltronic monitoring dashboard
Voltronic realtime charts

Per second metric accuracy

Real-time metrics makes all the difference and gives true insight into how your system performs. Instant updates are really convenient if your trying different settings to see how it affects your system.

10+ Years of historical data via interactive charts

SolarAssistant puts you in control of your data by storing it on your device instead of a cloud service. You can store 10+ years of data on the default 16GB SD card.

Modern, efficient interface

If you are currently using a platform such as VNC or AnyDesk to access your monitoring software then you are effectively streaming video just to use an application. It just doesn't make sense. We built our entire platform from the ground up with the latest technology.

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WatchPower/SolarPower monitoring ports

Micro USB port

Axpert micro USB port

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USB Type B port

Axpert USB type B port

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RS232 port

Axpert RS232 port

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If WatchPower or SolarPower works with your inverter, then SolarAssistant will work.