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Pylontech US3000C/2000C


USB cable to connect SolarAssistant to a Pylontech US3000C or US2000C battery bank via the RS232 console port. A single cable can read all batteries in the battery bank. Battery communication cables are not software specific meaning alternative software will most likely use the same cable.

SolarAssistant will read the following values:

  • State of charge
  • State of health
  • Capacity
  • Cycles
  • Voltage
  • Watts
  • Lowest, average and highest cell temperatures
  • Lowest, average and highest cell voltages
  • Serial number
  • Model name
  • Bank size
  • Recommended charge voltage
  • Recommended discharge current
  • Max charge current
  • Max discharge current


  • Original FTDI/Prolific chip
  • Length: 2m

* For the older Pylontech US3000B or US2000B, see this cable

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